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Afterimage GIS is an award winning geospatial information services consultancy.  Our innovative use of ESRI’s geographic information system (GIS) has received national and international acclaim, particularly in the realm of wireless network deployment planning LEARN MORE.  However, we pride ourselves in providing innovative geospatial solutions in all industries both public and private.




Our seasoned planners have earned international acclaim for their innovative use of GIS in the realm of telecommunications.  READ MORE


Radio Network Planning

Radio Path Profiling

Market Feasibility

Clients: Intel , Verizon , Alvarion , Digitalbridge Communications , ESRI







Market Analysis

Know your market and target your potential customers before you ever step foot in, no matter what the industry.  Afterimage GIS provides consumer expenditure habits, demographics, income and current internet service down to the household level.




Government Solutions

GIS is essential for effective federal, state and local government planning.  Let Afterimage GIS assist you in all your database creation, maintainence and training needs.

e911 Systems Design
Cadastral Mapping Installation & Training
Wireless Deployment  




Ad-Hoc GIS

Here at Afterimage GIS, we have a passion for displaying/ analyzing problems spatially.  If you have a project that you would like geographically analyzed, please feel free to contact one of our professionals.  CONTACT US




Data Creation/Acquisition
3D Modeling




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Digital Middletown Project

Rural 900MHz

Wyoming WiMax

CIO Honoree