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Governments at all levels can rely on Afterimage GIS for geospatial solutions.  It is a fundamental believe of ours that all governments should have a functioning GIS department.  Our staff will gladly assist you with:


Needs Assessment
Following a careful review of an organization’s departmental structure and extended consultation with its key personnel, we will tailor a GIS to particular needs and insure complete compatibility and ease of data migration between the GIS and pre-existing data stored within that agency.


Geodatabase design and development
Technical complexity can be a major barrier to adoption by personnel and the effectiveness of a GIS. It is a basic goal to simplify and tailor how the user sees and interacts with the GIS in a way that fits within the user’s environment.

Data conversion and creation
Here speed and accuracy are the watchwords. For example; afterimage GIS can deliver a suite of cadastral, E-911 address point locations, soil and zoning layers within a 6 month time frame. This has been, in part, possible by streamlining field data entry with customized software developed in house.

Application Development
Our programming staff can develop customized applications for desktop and web development utilizing .NET and accessing the major relational databases from SQL to Oracle.

Technical support
We will recommend an optimal configuration of GIS hardware and software to match a client’s needs; provide procedures manuals and end user documentation to help a client’s employees make use of the GIS; offer competitively priced technical support in the form of ‘on call’ and ‘on site’ visits.


We have authorized ESRI trainers on staff that will provide the latest offerings from ESRI, along with training customized to our clients’ specific needs.

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