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Market Analysis

Afterimage GIS's marketing tools are the keys to understanding the markets you are in as well as defining the markets you want to be in.  We understand certain variables must exist in a market for your business to prosper.  Our services include:


Market Feasibility Studies

Before you leap into a market, let Afterimage GIS provide you with an overview analysis of the area.  We guide you to the most profitable locations in the region, we typically identify:

Demographics & Income Analysis
Facilities/Buildings of interest (public or private)

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We know companies prefer to be in markets with favorable attributes, such as demographic, income and consumer expenditure habits.  Afterimage GIS allows you to see the market landscape before you make your venture.

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Targeted Mailing Lists

Rid your company of wasteful mass marketing!  Afterimage GIS targeted marketing scheme allows you to target specific addresses with the demographic, income and expenditure habits that you specify!

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