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No matter what the technology; Cellular, WiFi, WiMAX or LTE Afterimage GIS can map it with unparalleled accuracy.  Our accomplishments in the field are well documented LEARN MORE.  WiMAX and LTE are the most disruptive technologies the telecommunications industry has seen since the inception of the cellular phone. They allow users to roam region wide while connecting to the internet at broadband speeds. They eliminate the need for a complicated expensive wiring infrastructure. Perhaps most importantly, they are the most effective internet services to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas. So, with WiMAX and LTE set to revolutionize telecommunications, why trust anyone other than the industry’s premier wireless planning team, Afterimage GIS, to deploy your network?


Radio Network Planning

Precise planning is a critical step to maximize the performance of your network. Afterimage GIS helps guide you through the decisions that need to be made for designing your network properly. The radio network plan is an all encompassing document that will show you how to deploy your network with maximum coverage and capacity of your targeted service areas. The radio network plan provides:


Site Selection


Design specfications (antenna heights, tilts, azimuths, channel assignments)


Bill of Materials for purchase and installation


Service coverage maps and expected capacity for sectors including interference

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Once a network is deployed, Afterimage GIS incorporates field test data and performance results to recalibrate and further refine the accuracy of RF models and update your network plan. This value added process aids in the reduction of timely and expensive service availability rollouts to potential customers that are unable to receive signal.

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Radio Path Profiling

Afterimage's RF and GIS experts provide precision point-to-point profiling, allowing you to save TIME, MONEY and avoid unnecessary  HASSLES.


LOS Analysis

Diffraction Analysis

Link Power Budget

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Market Feasibility

A high-level analysis of geographic, infrastructure and social layers vital to the decision-making process of designing, deploying and managing a wireless network. Typical procedures can include:


Identification of exsisting telecom infrastructure ( towers, fiber points-of-presence)


Locating populated places and public facilities; schools, libriaries and government buildings

Demographic and Income Analysis

Competitive Outlook


Spectrum analysis

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Target Marketing

Eliminate wasteful mass marketing and make way for a targeted marketing scheme.  Afterimage GIS can produce maps and/or populate mailing lists of bi-annually updated expediture habits, current internet service, demographics, expected signal strength and speeds for each individual address.

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